Hermenia Carroll

Carroll-headshot-4Missionary:  Hermenia Carroll

Location:  Kakata, Liberia

Bio:  A “missionary mother” and mentor, Sister Hermenia is a true missions veteran.  She lived through the Liberian civil war and befriended a Fulani chief in Gambia, to mention just a couple of her many adventures.  After serving in Senegal, Gambia, and itinerant missions work, Hermenia has returned to Liberia to strengthen works she helped establish in the pre-war years. 

Interesting Fact:  Hermenia was renamed “Dekontee” by the Kru tribe of Liberia.  Meaning, “everything has a time” or “God’s time is best,” the name is reflective of Hermenia’s desire to remain in the center of the Lord’s plan. 


Ministry Hallmark:  Discipleship

Serving Since:  1987

Previous Service:  Gambia, Senegal