Humanitarian Situation in CAR!

Humanitarian-Situation-in-CAR-1Due to the political unrest since March there is a growing humanitarian crisis in Central African Republic. The cost for basic necessities has been rising.  Food is scarce and the food that is available is very expensive.

Missionaries, Edet and Ann George Offong, wrote, “Throughout the hostilities, the hand of the Lord was upon us and all our team members. Not one person has been harmed…Our efforts at present are geared towards raising more awareness of the deplorable humanitarian situation. More than 300,000 have been displaced in the country. Over 80,000 are now refugees in neighboring countries like Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2008 we started a Feed-the-Hungry programme focusing on 60 children ages  1- 10. Since then the number of children affected by malnutrition has continued to grow.

Food is needed urgently not only for malnourished children but also for many working households whose salaries have not been paid for four months running. Others affected by the high cost of basic food are members of staff, missionaries and church planters in partnership with Adonai Missions International.

We are also mobilizing funds (target is $20,000) in order to provide food supplies to 200 families of Pastors in CAR who have lost personal and ministry belongings.  

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