First Evangelism Equipment Procured for The Fula Project!

fula-project-sidebar-6Last summer we launched The Fula Project, an outreach to one of the largest unreached people groups on earth.

A year ago, the Lord led us to identify a group of fearless church planters who are already working to reach the Fula People in the Senegambia Region of West Africa…some of them converted Fula themselves.

This week, funded by International Family Church, we ordered $3,700 in evangelism equipment to equip those church planters!

On April 8, Jean-Claude Noah will represent you and me as he travels to the Senegambia Region.  Meeting with the church planters, he will distribute the equipment, present them with personal resources, and encourage their faith.  Some have worked for years with little encouragement.  It’s time that their brethren back them up!

I hope you will agree that we (the church planters, you, our LWM family) are part of something historic!


The equipment we are placing in the hands of the church planters:

  • A solar-powered Jesus Film presentation system that will allow the Jesus Film to be shown in local languages!
  • Ten solar and crank operated Proclaimer audio Bibles that will speak to new converts in their language!
  • Ten solar-powered Papyrus MP3 players that will enable the church planters to have their own teaching libraries!  (And share the libraries with converts since the MP3 player has the volume capacity to reach a crowd of 200!)
  • Four new bicycles will enable church planters to reach villages faster than by foot!