Ebola Relief!

We have been closely monitoring the Ebola situation as we have many personnel, missionaries and National staff, serving in both Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Hermenia Carroll, missionary to Liberia, is currently in the US, having traveled here in July to attend the LWM Family Retreat.  Her airline cancelled flights to Liberia through March 2015 so she is ministering in the US for now.

Donald and Josephine Bessman, Sierra Leone National Directors, also came to the US during the summer and are currently on standby with an airline which has greatly reduced flights to Sierra Leone.

Bea Saydee is currently in Liberia.

A large number of Bible training center staff with families are located throughout Sierra Leone and Liberia.

We are receiving weekly status updates and we thank God that all personnel are reporting they are well.

The greatest concern for these families is sanitation supplies and access to food.  This video gives a real picture of what life is like for families in the affected nations at this moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nmja-QbMA4E











Buckets, like the one pictured, are a key to preventing contamination as many homes do not have running water.








Governments have declared states of emergency and forbidden public gatherings, including schools.  Hence, our affiliated Bible training centers have not reopened for the 2014 school year.  The normal source of income for teachers is based on the operation of the Bible training centers.  So a double issue exists…the threat of Ebola and no channel for receiving salaries to buy necessities.

If you would like to assist with Ebola relief, we can get funds directly into the hands of dedicated Bible school directors and teachers who would really appreciate your support.

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