Domestic Violence Ministry in Guatemala!

domestic-violence-bible-study-in-guatemalaMissionary to Guatemala, Bettie Colson, has been working for some time with domestic violence victims in the local Public Defender’s office.  Bettie has recently begun working with a local women’s shelter, as well!

Bettie recently reported, “Along with my work in the Public Defender’s office with domestic violence victims, I am now working with a shelter for women who have been victims of violence.  Many of them are teenage mothers who have nowhere else to go.  The shelter currently houses around 45 women and children.  I have been giving a weekly Bible study there (see photo), as well as helping with their physical needs.  

The shelter is part of the work of a non-profit secular foundation but they have shown me great favor in letting me bring spiritual support to these women.  Their spiritual and physical needs are great.  I will be sharing more from time to time about their stories and how God is making a difference in their lives.”