International Director: Wendy Tatro
Location: Andover, Massachusetts
Serving in Missions Since: 1985
Bio: Wendy’s role includes Holy Spirit inspired design, development, and implementation of strategy for the overall vision of the ministry.
Procurement is her biggest assignment and area of gracing. She is also responsible for day-to-day operations.

Coordinator of Field Operations:
Jean-Claude Noah
Location: Wilmington, Massachusetts
Serving in Missions Since: 1997
Bio: Jean-Claude is our Coordinator of Field Operations, serving our missionaries by coordinating resources, projects, training, mentoring,
communications, networking, and more.  Jean-Claude is serious about building the Kingdom of God.

Administrative Assistant: Sundie Noah
Location: Wilmington, Massachusetts
Serving in Missions Since: 1995
Bio: Sundie is one of the best missionaries LWM ever produced! Having served as a missionary in Cameroon for 14 years, she is perfectly suited to serve
missionaries. She’s walked in their shoes and knows their unique needs. She’s a true missionary to missionaries.

Projects Assistant: Elisabeth Tatro
Location: Andover, Massachusetts
Serving in Missions Since: 1989
Bio: Elisabeth is involved with day-to-day operations of our office as well as special projects and research. Born on the mission field in West Africa, Elisabeth
feels she has always been involved in missions and is passionate about children and youth ministry.

Executive Board Vice President & Advisory Board Member: Jonathan Del Turco
Location: North Reading, Massachusetts
Serving in Ministry Since: 1976
Bio: A former missionary kid to Belgium and Italy, Jonathan is the senior pastor of International Family Church, founded in 1981.
His grace for developing people is most apparent when pastoring missionaries.

Advisory Board Member:
Verna Del Turco
Location: North Reading, Massachusetts
Serving in Ministry Since: 1976
Bio: The first lady of International Family Church, Verna is the ultimate pastor’s wife. Her generosity and hospitality are unparalleled.
She brings smart insight coupled with a mother’s heart.

Advisory Board Member: Bert Farias
Location: Windham, New Hampshire
Serving in Ministry Since: 1987
Bio: Bert has been a partner of LWM since day one, as the first missionary to join Russ and Wendy in Liberia. Bert is the founder of Holy Fire Ministries.
Bert’s drive to impart the spirit of prayer, revival, and evangelism is contagious to the rest of our team.

Advisory Board Member:
Tim Schmidt
Location: Rochester, New York
Serving in Ministry Since: 1993
Bio: As pastor of Jubilee Family Worship Center and president of Health Systems Technology Tim’s anointing is both priest and king.
His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, keen listening skill, and wisdom beyond his years bring balance to the board.

Advisory Board Member:
Gary Cooper
Location: Genva, Switzerland
Serving in Missions Since: 1984
Bio: A missionary veteran, Gary has served in Guatemala, Germany, the Middle East, Sarajevo, Colombia and now Switzerland. He has worked in
virtually every aspect of missions: teaching, pastoring, administration, church planting, humanitarian aid, and Bible schools.

Advisory Board Member:
Moses Foyah
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Serving in Missions Since: 1989
Bio: A disciple of Bro. Russ, Moses has served LWM in so many capacities. He served as national director of the ministry in Liberia, then as a missionary to Ivory Coast.
He now pastors Living Water Fellowship in Louisville, KY, while also serving as Liberia National Coordinator.

Advisory Board Member: Edet George Offong
Location: Bangui, Central African Republic
Serving in Missions Since: 1989
Bio: Edet is a Nigerian who served as a missionary first in Liberia and now in Central African Republic. He leads a cross-cultural African team
in serving Central African Republic, Congo, and Sudan. His team trains over 1,000 students annually in Bible training centers.