Visiting Senegambia!

village-ministry-3Jean-Claude Noah is our Coordinator of Field Operations. On his recent trip to Gambia he was privileged to meet with church planters working among the unreached in the Senegambia Region. He interviewed church planters (whose names we can’t mention for security reasons) and traveled to some of the villages where churches now exist, analyzing how we can best help.

In the photos below you will see a church that has been planted among one of the least reached people groups in Senegambia. We want to help plant more!

Live School continues in Gambia with about 100 students currently in training to be church planters. A pastor hosting a Live School told Jean-Claude that the Muslim owner of a neighboring business overheard the Live School training sessions. The man was so intrigued that he asked if he could sit in on the training also. He’s now a Christian!

Gambia is 90% Muslim.* Those who convert to Christianity often pay a heavy price. Jean-Claude met with a man whose wife and children were taken from him and given to a Muslim man when he became a Christian. That is the nature of Islam.
*Source: CIA Factbook