The Fula Project!


The major focus of our retreat in August 2013 was to identify one unreached people group that we, the LWM Family, are called to reach. In an incredible culmination of the week, the Holy Spirit highlighted for us the Fula, a Muslim people group living in West and Central Africa.

The Fula are traditionally a nomadic, trading people. They herd cattle, goats and sheep. They are the largest nomadic ethnic group in the world, and inhabit several territories over an area larger in size than the continental United States.

The Fula were one of the first African tribes to convert to Islam and today are overwhelmingly Muslim.

Nearly 20 million Fula are spread across 19 African countries in an area stretching from the shores of Sénégal to the borders of Ethiopia. Since they span the width of Africa, the Fula see themselves as a Muslim shield blocking Christianity from entering the north of Africa. Many do not convert to Christianity, fearing the hostility of family and friends.


We have adopted ten church planters working among the Fula in Gambia. We are raising financial support to provide the following resources for them:

  • Monthly Support
  • Translation and Printing of Faith Materials in the Fula Language (We have already completed The Believer’s Authority)
  • Proclaimers ($100 solar powered Mp3 players that read the Bible in the Fula language)
  • Jesus Film Backpacks ($1,000 portable projection systems that play a movie about Jesus in the Fula language)
  • Bicycles (they shorten trips between villages that can only be reached by foot or bike)
  • SD Cards (they can be used to transfer hours of audio teaching onto cell phones)
  • Financial Support for Farming Projects (a converted Christian Fula is building a plantation to provide food for church planters and employ Fula people as an evangelism tool)

Our Coordinator of Field Operations, Jean-Claude Noah, presented the Fula Project at International Family Church in North Reading, MA on February 9th, 2014. Watch the video here: