Street Evangelism in Guatemala!

Missionary to Guatemala, Debby Roth, is an accomplished street evangelist!  She recently reported, “Last night went out on the street to do personal evangelism . I had 3 other people Kim & Eswin with me. Drove around a while, ok God where the fish biting tonight. So stop no too far from the cemetery. We started walking and kept passing people, & thinking ok why am I passing them all by? But then I saw this young guy and felt drawn to him. Well his name is Carlos and he is a drug addict. He does all drugs and alcohol. Shared Jesus with him & he repeated said I want to change. We took him to a restaurant. He first said, “I don’t eat just do drugs., so I said ok, do we prayed and took authority over the spirits & he begin to eat. Took him last night to a home to get off drugs. He was so happy to get off the street. God so cared for people for he sent us to him, awesome God, how he loves Carlos. Please pray for him. He is 32 and been on drugs 10 years.”

Debby is also an evangelism teacher.  She has even written an evangelism manual!  She recently reported, “Traveling to Reu today. Evangelism training last Sat. and this Sat. at a LWT ext. school. 18 students but last week over 40 attended. Hopefully all will return this week. Training today is 4 hours. Be going out on the street today and receive more teaching. There will be some sowing, watering, and harvesting today in Rei.”