The Fula Project

 The LWM Family sought the Lord for one unreached people group that we, as a ministry family, could focus on.  The Holy Spirit highlighted for us the Fula, a Muslim people group living in West and Central Africa.
fula-project-photo-2-2Nearly 20 million Fula are spread across 19 countries from Sénégal in West Africa to Ethiopia in East Africa. Since they span the width of Africa, the Fula see themselves as a Muslim shield blocking Christianity from entering the north of Africa. Many do not convert to Christianity, fearing the hostility of family and friends.

The Fula are traditionally a nomadic, trading people, often herding cattle, goats and sheep. They are the largest nomadic ethnic group in the world and inhabit several territories over an area larger in size than the continental United States.

The Fula were one of the first African tribes to convert to Islam and today are overwhelmingly Muslim.


LWM partners with seven church planters working among the Fula in the Senegambia Region of West Africa. Our part in this project is to provide spiritual oversight, training, financial support, and resources.

Our part enables these courageous church planters to focus on their part, which is evangelism and discipleship.  Some of the projects operated by our church planters enable them to employ Muslim Fula, providing an open door for personal evangelism.


Visit our Projects page to see how you can join us in reaching one of the largest unreached people groups on earth!