Updated: September, 2015

Thank you for praying with us over the past year concerning the Ebola situation in West Africa.  Although Liberia had been declared Ebola-free, new cases have been discovered recently.  Sierra Leone was counting the days to receiving their Ebola-free declaration, but a woman who died this week caused another quarantine to be instated.  None of our missionaries or their staff have been infected during the over year-long outbreak.  All glory to God!  Please continue to pray with us for an end to Ebola in West Africa.

Bayo-reduced-3Missionary: Alieu Bayo
Location: Gambia, West Africa

Prayer Requests: Alieu is helping to lead the Fula Project, a joint effort to plant churches among the Fula, one of the largest Muslim unreached people groups on earth. Please pray for wisdom for Alieu as he leads the ministry in Gambia which includes a Bible training center, evangelistic outreaches, and the Fula Project.


Missionaries: Donald and Josephine Bessman
Location: Sierra Leone, West Africa

Prayer Requests: Due to the Ebola situation schools have been closed in Sierra Leone due to government order since Spring 2014.  The Bible schools in Sierra Leone were closed for the entire 2014-2015 school year. Government schools have been re-opened for the current school year.  Please pray for an end to the Ebola outbreak and for the Bible schools in Sierra Leone to regain their momentum as they re-open in September.


Missionary: Hermenia Carroll
Location: Liberia, West Africa

Prayer Requests: Hermenia left Liberia in July 2014 for an itinerary in the US.  The Ebola situation restricted her return to Liberia so Hermenia has been ministering in US churches and making plans for ministry in other West African nations.  Her next international trip will be to Gambia in March 2016.


Missionary: Bettie Colson
Location: Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Prayer Requests: Bettie is involved in various types of women’s ministry in cell groups, prisons, and working with the local public defender’s office. Bettie is also a gifted musician who trains musicians for worship ministry.

Urgent Prayer Request:  In August a UN anti-corruption investigation resulted in protests and ensuing resignations from Guatamala’s president and his cabinet.  Please pray for the protection of our missionaries and a non-violent presidential election during this volatile time in Guatemala.  Click here for Bettie’s latest update!


Missionaries: Gary and Gail Cooper
Location: Bogota, Colombia

Prayer Requests: The Coopers relocated to Bogota in August 2015. Gary is teaching at Rhema Colombia, preaching in churches, and hosting special projects such as leadership conferences for church leaders in other Latin American nations.


Fred-and-Dianne-DoellMissionaries: Fred and Dianne Doell
Location: Pattaya, Thailand

Prayer Requests: The Doells’ major focus in this season is turning over leadership of various ministries to leaders they have discipled. They lead two international churches in a region where thousands of foreigners work and vacation. They also oversee multiple ministries to the poorest of the poor, especially children at risk.

Encinas-reduced-3Missionaries: Gehez and Clia Encinas
Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Prayer Requests: The Encinases pastor a dynamic church in Caracas where miracles are a regular occurrence. They are in the process of starting a church in the Miami, Florida area for Hispanic people.  Their heart is to raise up Hispanic missionaries for Muslim regions of the world.


foyahMissionaries: Moses and Frances Foyah
Location: US based

Prayer Requests: Moses is an itinerant missionary making trips several times a year to West Africa.  He is helping to lead a renewal of the ministry in Liberia and also in Ivory Coast, both nations recovering from the effects of civil war.  Click here for the latest update on the ministry in Liberia!


Frischknecht-reduced-3Missionaries: Oliver and Lisa Frischknecht
Location: Thalwil, Switzerland

Prayer Requests: Oliver and Lisa pastor a church in Thalwil, Switzerland, while overseeing a Bible school they started in India several years ago.  Pray for wisdom for the Frischknechts in reaching a population in Switzerland with few material needs and little interest in God.


Koomson-reduced-3Missionaries: Joseph and Christiana Koomson
Location: Burkina Faso, West Africa

Prayer Requests: In addition to operating a Bible training center, the Koomsons are involved in a feeding project. Partnering with Feed The Hungry, the Koomsons are offering a daily nutritious meal for 1500 children in Christian schools and orphanages.

S.-and-Agnes-NathanMissionaries: S. and Agnes Nathan
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Prayer Requests: In 2013 the Nathans relocated from Malaysia to Indonesia, the nation with the largest Muslim population in the world. The Nathans are ministering in Bible schools and churches throughout the nation. Despite relocating in 2013, the Nathans still do not have a permanent residence in Indonesia.  Additionally, immigration policies require them leaving the country often.  The Nathans ask us to join our prayers with theirs for a permanent home and resident visas in Indonesia.

Offong-reduced-3Missionaries: Edet and Ann George Offong
Location: Bangui, Central African Republic

Prayer Requests: 
Thank you for praying for Ann who was in California for the past year receiving treatment for cancer. As usual, Ann is amazing in her outlook and fight! She has been declared cancer free and will be returning to Africa in September.  Glory to God!  Click here for the Offongs’ most recent prayer update!


Missionaries: Vincent and Delia Padupad
Location: Baguio City, Philippines

Prayer Request: The Padupads focus on outreach in remote areas of the island
of Luzon in The Philippines.  They host medical clinics and evangelistic crusades for the purpose of planting churches and Bible schools.


Robaye-reduced-3Missionaries: Justin and Maimouna Robaye
Location: N’djamena, Chad

Prayer Requests: In addition to operating Bible training centers, the Robayes have launched a Christian primary school, and do evangelism among youth regularly.
Maimouna has produced two albums of worship music in the Fula language. The Fula are an unreached people group that LWM (and other ministries) have targeted. Please pray for Maimouna’s albums to penetrate Muslim villages with the Gospel.

John-Rood-reduced-3Missionary: John Rood
Location: US based

Prayer Requests: John is a veteran missionary having served primarily in Brussels, Belgium for over 20 years.  He now serves as an itinerant teacher who ministers in churches in the US and other nations.


Roth-reduced-3Missionary: Debby Roth
Location: Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Prayer Requests: Debby does evangelism training throughout Guatemala and in other nations. She regularly takes teams on the streets witnessing one-on-one. Her soul-winning manual has been translated and is being used in many nations.  Debby asks us to pray with her regarding a female assistant/interpreter who would be able to work alongside and travel with Debby.
Click here for Debby’s most recent update!

Saydee-reduced-3Missionary: Beatrice Saydee
Location: Liberia, West Africa

Prayer Requests: Sis Bea is ministering in churches, doing children’s ministry training, and evangelizing unreached villages.

Thank you for praying for Sis Bea during the Ebola outbreak.  Sis Bea remained in Liberia throughout the past year with no problems.  With the government ban on travel lifted, she is now traveling to rural villages again.

Swanner-reduced-3Missionaries: John and Lisa Swanner
Location: Pattaya, Thailand

Prayer Requests: Having fulfilled a two-year commitment in Guatemala, the
Swanners are beginning their next missions assignment. They relocated to Thailand in September, joining the Doells’ ministry team.  Thanks for your
prayers for their transition.


Winslow-reduced-3Missionaries: Greg and Suzanne Winslow
Location: Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Prayer Requests: The Winslows pastor a growing church in Zihuatanejo, where drug violence is common. Their church is active in evangelism and regularly baptizes new believers. Their goal is to plant new churches from the many
cell groups they pastor.


NOTE: You can follow many of our missionaries on Facebook, where you will see exciting posts of their life and work on the mission field. 

The Fula Project
Please join us in praying for the seven church planters who are part of the Fula Project, an outreach to one of the largest unreached people groups on earth.  The Fula are predominantly Muslim, living primarily in West and North Africa.  Our church planters are indigenous ministers working in the Senegambia Region of West Africa.  Due to the sensitive nature of their work, we share only the church planters’ first names.

Kofi Joseph Ampofo (1)

Church Planter: Kofi
Location: Gambia, West Africa






Sam Gomez (1)

Church Planter: Sam
Location: Gambia, West Africa






Sainey Njie

Church Planter: Sainey
Location: Gambia, West Africa






Paul K. MendyChurch Planter: Paul
Location: Gambia, West Africa






 Daniel JattaChurch Planter: Daniel
Location: Gambia, West Africa






Alexander GranteChurch Planter: Alexander
Location: Gambia, West Africa






Alkali Mendy


Church Planter: Alkali
Location: Gambia, West Africa