Moussa & Josephine Ouattara


National Directors:  Moussa and Josephine Ouattara

Location:  Abidjan, (Ivory Coast) Cote d’Ivoire

Bio:  Moussa is a third generational disciple of Living Word Missions.  Russ Tatro, our founder, taught that as missionaries “we are to work ourselves out of a job.”  In other words, “Go and make disciples…” and then turn the work over to those disciples.  Moses Foyah did just that as founder of the current work in Ivory Coast.

Moussa, current National Director of Living Water Ministries in Ivory Coast, began serving in the interior of Ivory Coast, establishing Bible training centers in rural areas.  The work was so dynamic that the rural Bible schools continue to represent the hub of the work.  Moussa and Josephine are capable and dedicated leaders, pastoring a local congregation and overseeing Bible training centers throughout the nation.

Serving Since:  2002