LWM Family Retreat 2013!

Our retreat in August was truly a success!  We came together as a family and we focused on unreached people like we never have before.

The major focus of this retreat was to identify one unreached people group that we, the LWM Family, are called to reach.  In an incredible culmination of the week, the Holy Spirit highlighted for us the Fula, a Muslim people group living in West and Central Africa.  What a privilege to receive such a precious assignment from the Head of the Church!

International Family Church helped us host the retreat…volunteer drivers, interpreters, musical instruments, tech support…whatever we needed, they provided.  The congregation donated a Kindle Fire HD tablet (and a generous gift card for accessories) to every missionary. The Kindles were then loaded with a library of Christian books at the retreat.  We also offered training on how to use the Kindles for social media.

We participated in “Missions Sunday” at International Family Church, where Pastors Jonathan and Verna Del Turco introduced us one-by-one to the congregation.  We were extremely grateful for the opportunity to thank IFC for their partnership and to help cast a missions vision!  Go here to watch the service in IFC’s media archive: “The Faithfulness of God (Missions Sunday.)”

Please visit us on Twitter for updates from the week of the retreat!  Also search #LWMFamilyRetreat for tweets and photos from delegates!