The Fula Project – Update!

During our June retreat our missionaries made pledges to help launch the Fula Project in Chad and a trip is being planned for January.  Chad Directors Justin and Maimouna Robaye have already begun outreaches to the Fula in their region.  Maimouna is Fula and she is a particular asset in reaching this unreached people group in her region.  We appreciate your prayers as we proceed.


Maimouna teaching a Bible study to Fula villagers in Chad.

Great reports continue to come in from the seven church planters who are our partners in the Fula Project in the Senegambia Region.  Here are some testimonies from last month’s reports for your enjoyment:

“Praise God as two souls were won after a week of evangelism including two days of showing the Jesus Film.”

“Glory be to God for the manifestation of the signs and wonders among us whenever we come together as a fellowship.”

“Pray for Ensa, a Fula boy, who asked my wife to be his spiritual mother which is amazing.

Joseph reported two salvations in June.

Alexander reported a new church plant, two salvations, ten water baptisms, and four Holy Spirit baptisms in June.

Please continue to pray with us for our Church Planters as they live with and minister to the Fula in rural Gambia and Senegal.