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It was my husband’s desire to provide missions resources free of charge.  For that reason, the LWM Bible Training Center Curriculumhis messages, and other material are offered on our website. Occasionally, I hear from folks sharing the fruit from those materials.

Last year I heard from a minister who had trained pastors in 57 nations to start Bible schools using the LWM Curriculum.  He shared there are 33,000 graduates worldwide, most notably 17,000 graduates in Cuba!  Glory to God!

Yesterday, I heard from a former missionary about the work they established some years ago in Nicaragua.  For 15 years, the LWM Curriculum has been used in Bible schools in prisons in that nation!  He also shared about a “Bible School of the Air” on radio in Costa Rica.  The LWM Curriculum was used to produce that program and he was told it was the most successful program that radio station has ever had! 

Then, this week, Edet Offong, sent me this report:

Attached please find sample of the ongoing Tamil [India and Sri Lanka language] translation of Bible Doctrines. We are believing the Lord to complete the project by June and do the official launching of Bible schools in November.

Only God!