A Lasting Legacy in Liberia!

We as a ministry recently celebrated our missionary, Hermenia Carroll, on her 75th birthday and 30 years in ministry!

Hermenia has served as a missionary in Liberia, Gambia and Senegal. She truly is one of our heroes!

Part of the legacy of Sister Hermenia’s 30 years of missions service is pictured in this report we recently received from her disciples in Liberia that she helped train and who have planted several churches as well as running a children’s school.

“The church has experienced numerical growth in membership by 50% with both adult and children. Such growth comes as a result of conducting outreach in communities. We thank God for the children ministry; God is doing great things among the children. We thank God for the school during 2016 – 2017 school years. We have 150  students within the school. Most of these students are not paying tuition because, due to the Ebola crisis many of lost their parents.”